The Shapiro Standard

Earlier this month Free Beacon released a very well received article claiming that Shapiro is the future of American Conservatism, and who could argue? Shapiro is a powerhouse. Host of the fastest growing conservative podcast in America, a YouTube viral sensation, and intellectual leader for many young conservatives, Shapiro has cemented his position as a thought leader in our nation’s political discourse. I respect and agree with a lot of what Shapiro has to say but I have recently found some disagreement with him on one issue in particular.

Last week, former Whitehouse employee, Omarosa Manigault, hit the news with claims that there is a tape somewhere in the world of President Trump using the n-word. These claims have not been substantiated (yet) but it did force conservative thinkers to ask themselves the question “What if this is real?”

The response from Shapiro was uncharacteristically nonsensical.


This tweet is crazy town.

Use of the n-word is worse than the “genitals tape”? Yes, the Access Hollywood tape uses some gutter language, but the real issue with the tape is how Trump celebrates sexual misconduct and molestation. The Access Hollywood tape shines a light on a man void of a moral foundation.  Depending on what is said on this alleged “n-word tape”, the Access Hollywood tape is at minimum equitable.

The second part of his tweet makes the claim that if Trump were to be primaried the Republican party would rally against conservatives. My response to that is, “so what?” Let the party rally against conservatives. At least let the American people see that there was a voice in the Republican party that stood for moral clarity and human dignity. When conservatives refuse to challenge Trump we become compliant to the moral derogation he represents.

Shapiro then follows up to his own tweet with this:


Again, I have some issues here. Shapiro claims that if a tape were to be released then the “math” of elector viability (not human decency) would dictate that the Republican party should move to primary Trump. First, I can’t believe that this alleged tape is the “bridge too far” moment and not the countless other moral offenses Trump has committed. Secondly, is it only “a bridge too far” because it’s morally repugnant, or is it because of his now inability to win reelection?

I believe that character matters, I believe in conservative principles, and I believe that those ideals are worth fighting for and worth being prosecuted for. I would hope Shapiro would believe the same.

-J.A. Callaway

Interested in reading more about how lax attitudes toward sex can corrupt a generation? I recommend “Porn Generation” from Ben Shapiro: